• Phase 1 redesign


Phase 1 redesign

Taking an iconic Canadian brand to a new level. Being an industry leader and influencer in the knowledge space of motivating Canadians — their online presence had to reflect the notion of not only being a knowledge repository but a highly inspirational and engaging communications piece.

Design Lead, UI & UX
Length of project 1+ years

  • worko_redesign_2c_top
  • worko_redesign_2c_bottom

Workopolis .com rebuild

Canada’s leading career site with the latest jobs from Top Canadian employers was looking for a fresh look. To help re-invent their core presence we through conceptualization of user experience design, visual design and further product development areas.

Design Lead, UI & UX
Length of project 8 months

  • Newsprint fullpage spread

Aequitas Neo Exchange

The Neo Exchange redefines the role of a national stock exchange in Canada by using a bold new blueprint that puts investors, companies, and dealers first, and gives Canadians an exchange they can believe in; the industry an exchange they can be proud of.

The Aequitas NEO Exchange wanted to challenge the incumbent Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and shed light on issues faced by investors as a result of Predatory High Frequency Trading practices in a way that anyone could relate to.

Art director

  • budweiser-hockey-light
  • cannes_redlight_silver
  • brl_app

Budweiser Red Lights

The idea

Budweiser is all about celebration and great times. As a brand that loves hockey, we wanted to elevate those key moments during the game when celebration is at its peak — the moment a goal is scored.

The solve

Create a goal light that would simultaneously go off every time a hockey team scores. The light connects to your wi-fi network and you configure it using an iPhone or Android app to let it know the team you support. During a game, it listens over the network for a score and the synced light flashes and brings the excitement home!

Design Lead and Art Direction
Length of project 8 months

  • NFB_bubbledancers_intro
  • NFB_bubbledancers_content

National Film Board

Restaurant non-linear documentary


Bubble dancer is restaurant slang for ‘dishwasher’ — an iconic yet unglamorous figure used to toiling in the background. But what lies beyond the grease, grime, and grit of the dish pit?

Take a tour of the streets and alleyways of St. John’s, one of the oldest cities in North America. And discover the humanity behind this so-called dead-end job through the voices of the men and women who make life easier for the rest of us.

Art Direction, Design
Length of project 1+ years

  • maxresdefault
  • dempsters
  • KOBObook

Dempster’s Bread

Romance novel

The idea

Dempster’s Zero Bread- it won’t just make you feel good, it’ll make you feel sexy. From that notion we wanted to create an engaging piece that was more than just a simple one way communications, it had to feel right and had to tap into an everyday longing. Enter the b-grade, cheesy, steamy, romance novel.

The solve

We dived deep into our insights are targeted the average mom who likes to indulge every now and then.  We gave her the chance to star in her own personalized romance novel. Her real life relived in a steamy grocery store, fully customizable, romance novel that not only included her own personal life details but details of her friends. Customers log on to their Facebook page, input some information about themselves, and tag friends to act as supporting characters. In return, they get a 120-page novel set in a bakery and starring themselves that they can download to their e-readers or via PDF.


Concept Idea & Art Direction.


  • vitaminwater_flavorcreator_singlebottle
  • vitamin_water_sochi2014_bottledesigns
  • vitamin_water_flavorcreatorapp

Vitamin Water

Flavour Creator

The idea

Empower Vitamin Water’s creative class fan base through the creation of their own unique flavour.

The solve

Create a mobile first online tool kit that would allow their Facebook fan base to create their own combinations of flavours, vitamin pack, label name / colour and pattern.


Bottle design, UX design.
  • cheerettes

Bud Light Send A Cheer


Create a campaign that will let people send a cheer to their friends.


Position the content to be self contained personalized video clips that users can tag and post on their friends wall while having their own message rendered within the video. We shot over 72 unique videos that could all have a user’s message at the end and be easily shared.


Digital art director & design.
  • alzheimers_living_moments

Alzheimers Living

The idea

Alzheimer suffers have troubles accessing long term memories. The purpose behind this product was to create a simple toolset for family members to create, share, and collaborate their important memories with their loved ones.

The solve

A simple cloud based web app that allows multiple family members to upload content, collaborate, and collectively create a simple slide show that recounts highlighted memories.


Product designer & UX.

  • adidas_sst


School Style Battle

The Brief:

Ralley Schools to be involved and compete against each other to win a donation to their athletics department while driving awareness of the Adidas brand.


School Style Battle is an engaging way to get students to compete and show their true styles while leading an edge of school pride. It asked users to put together their own “collection” from Adidas products and have others vote.


Art director / design
  • EG_openingscreen
  • emmy_endgame
  • endgame_compilation

Endgame Interactive from Secret Location on Vimeo.

Showcase’s End Game

Interactive emmy award winning episode

The experience is an online episode that integrates fans’ Facebook friends into a “choose your own adventure” mystery. Users interact with the original drama series’ star brilliant chess master to help put together the pieces to crack the online mystery.



Worked with the show’s writer and Secret Location to map out and plan the sequence of events.
  • newbudgate_double

Budweiser Canada – Refined Age Gate Experience

Simplifying experiences, starting with the first thing a user sees:

Developed a smarter, smoother and more efficient age gate experience for Budweiser Canada. Working closely with Labatt’s legal department we were able to reduce clicks by 1/2 the original state. This was done through implementing a smart province detector (already knows what province you are coming from) and a simple language detection (based on your system settings). Preloaded the page in behind to tease at the content to come and brought Bud’s  pride and heritage to the forefront.

Design Lead, UI & UX
Length of project 3 months

  • maynards_fish_levels
  • maynards_fish_bts


The idea

Maynards wanted a fun and egaging way to give away their newly launched XL bag of Sweedish Fish. The task at hand was to develop an over-arching theme that could tie in a multi game and be a throw back to their previous campaign — enter Maynards at the movies.


Art direction

  • lou_lou_shoe
  • nike_snowboard_canada
  • arcade_nike_sb_flick
  • aa_nike_basecamp_jarm


Various Nike projects:

  • Winter 08 Sportswear Campaign
  • Winter 08 SB Campaign
  • Nike SB – Nothing But The Truth movie launch & teaser
  • Environment Design for Nike SB


Art Direction & Design

  • dunkwars_jarm
  • dunk_25

Nike –
Dunk Wars

Celebrating Nike’s 25th Anniversary

A head to head competition was unveiled to pin dunk against dunk. A unique competition was tailored for each shoe and the user was given the chance to vote on which one would reign supreme. Dunk Wars connected consumers through a website, viral videos, the Sneakerpimps tour, and reinforced Nike’s position as the industry leader for sneaker culture.


Art Direct & Design

  • 600x879xrocket_stride-600x879.jpg.pagespeed.ic

Stride 2.0

Stride 2.0 Tipster

The Brief:

Launch a fun and intuitive way to engage and promote new consumers to a fresh launch of Stride 2.0.


Create an army of Stride Marketers to convince their own friends to upgrade to Stride 2.0 and to tip us off to any friend that hasn’t upgraded yet. Six of those fans would be flown out to attend the MMVAs. The Facebook fan base grew from 8,000 – 80,000 during the duration of the campaign.



Handled first round of interactive art direction on the look and feel. Handled the rest of the user experience flow and design.
  • 0-hive_web_heroimage
  • make_your_face_v2a2-600x569

Make Your Face A Maynard

Thanks to reality TV and YouTube, we live in a world where anyone can be famous. Many young people are cultivating themselves as pseudo-celebrities and have a deep desire to be discovered. The “Make Your Face a Maynard” program capitalized on this obsession

The campaign invited consumers to engage with Maynards by giving them the chance to become an actual candy, sold in stores across Canada. The campaign ran from mid-July to the end of September 2011, generating over nine million earned media impressions. Over 50,000 new fans joined the Facebook page to create thousands of candy faces, and after the program ended, an additional 50,000 new fans joined the page to plead with the brand to bring back the contest for another year. More importantly, the program drove purchase intent (+22%), unaided brand awareness (+24%), relevance (+16%) and uniqueness (+24%), surpassing expectations.

The Finale